The Cutting Board

Friday, July 04, 2014

Fellow blogger B, who writes for Sunshine & Gin, and I are always on the lookout for different places to try and after The Urban List included The Cutting Board in their Best Breakfast in the Brisbane CBD list, we decided to give it a try. The Cutting Board opened earlier this year on George St but I'd read that it focused on sandwiches and bread-like things and without a menu to view, I'd never bothered to trek up there to check it out before. 

So B and I decided to meet early one morning at The Cutting Board at 7am. It's been absolutely freezing this week in Brisbane - I've finally pulled out the gloves! Cycling there was easy and I chose to go over the Go-Between Bridge and come back over Kurilpa to get to George St. Once I arrived, I couldn't see a lot of available spots to hitch my bike but found a pole. I have a feeling there is some stands somewhere as I get the feeling it's a popular spot for cyclists. None were there that morning, probably due to the fact that they had the sense to stay in bed! Seating at The Cutting Board is minimal and all outside and it looks as though it is primarily a take-away spot. They had heaters outside but it didn't really do the best job at keeping me warm. My bad for not layering up more though!

The menus are behind the counter on the wall with the breakfast menus on the left and the lunch menus on the right. Inside the display cabinet were several pre-made wraps and rolls, ham & cheese croissants, coconut yoghurt, fruit salad, Bircher muesli and there were some trays of delicious looking fresh muffins atop the counter. The menu included a few types of breakfast burgers ($7), eggs on toast ($10) with optional bacon ($2) and the Cutting Board Breaky ($15) which is a typical big breakfast including chorizo, bacon, mushrooms and haloumi. They also offer a breakfast special of a bacon, egg and cheese roll with a small coffee for $7. I opted for the special with gluten-free bread ($1) and upgraded my long black to a large ($0.50) after B had mentioned that she was going to get a large coffee to have something hot to wrap her hands around! B chose the toasted ham and cheese croissant and also got a blueberry, cranberry and white chocolate muffin to have later.

Coffees arrived ridiculously quickly and luckily were piping hot! B's croissant arrived soon afterwards and she started on it immediately before it got cold. According to her it was tasty but she personally preferred hers to be toasted more so that the cheese melted more. My bacon, egg and cheese sandwich arrived soon afterwards and the gluten-free bread was a nice grainy bread which was lightly toasted. The egg yolk was still gooey and BBQ sauce oozed out of it and I scoffed it down quickly - partially due to hunger and partially so it didn't get cold! It was delicious though and I was left feeling incredibly satisfied. I'm not usually a bacon lover and don't like getting bacon and eggs but there was something about it all being combined in a sandwich which made it so much better. 

Overall, despite the cold, I really enjoyed my breakfast at The Cutting Board and thought it was excellent value. I only briefly looked at the lunch menu but it looked great and I'll have to check it out sometime soon. At least lunch time would be warmer! The Cutting Board is a great option for CBD workers and especially in an area which isn't as heavily populated with good food options. 


Ease of access: 9/10 (Easy to access off George St)                   
Parking: 6/10 (No nearby bike racks or much to lock to easily)

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