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Thursday, September 11, 2014

My plans to cook lunch for Father's Day became plans to cook dinner so I found myself with a Sunday morning free and made plans to catch up with S for an early morning breakfast. S suggested that we go somewhere low-key (i.e. a not overly popular place) in anticipation of Father's Day lines. It had recently come to my attention that there was a restaurant in Stones Corner that was doing Indian-Mexican fusion food, which piqued my interested seeing as how a) I liked Mexican food b) I like Indian food and c) that sounded just plain weird enough for me to want to try it. So doing the usual foodie thing, I hopped on Urbanspoon, Yelp and Google to find out more about it. A decent enough Urbanspoon rating and noticing that they did breakfast was good enough for me to suggest it with the caveat that I was completely happy with going with something safer sounding! S agreed to try it, figuring that Shady Palms (another place I'm yet to try) was nearby enough if it looked terrible.

I'd never ridden to Stones Corner before but go regularly to Woolloongabba and Dutton Park and after realising it wasn't too much further than either, decided to give it a go. Google Maps told me that going through Dutton Park/Annerley via the Green Bridge was the quickest route but I wasn't feeling the St. Lucia hills so decided to take the long way via the Bicentennial Bikeway, Goodwill Bridge and Woolloongabba. After cutting through the Logan Rd cafe precinct, I continued along Logan Rd until I hit Stones Corner. Until then, the only reasons for me to be in Stones Corner had been cheap shopping circa 1990s (pre-DFO) and wedding dress shopping for a friend. As far as I had known, that's all Stones Corner had to offer. And until recently (well, last few years) that had pretty much been the case but is slowly becoming the new hotspot with cafes such as Shady Palms, Lady Marmalade and newbie Timber Cabin & Coffee House populating the area. The bridal shops and cheap looking shops are still around but there are some gems like specialty deli Louis & Sons and coffeehouse Grindhouse Espresso around and several other cafes which were already packed with customers when I rode through.

IndiMex is midway down the Stones Corner part of Logan Rd and easy to pick out with plenty of street signage. I pulled up in front and locked my bike to a nearby pole, only later seeing that there was a bike rack about 10m down the road. There were already a few groups there and S and I perused the menu on display before venturing in. IndiMex offer all the standard eggs/bacon/toast/pancakes options including a Big Aussie Breakfast ($14.95), which includes bacon, eggs, chorizo, mushrooms, hash brown, tomato, toast and the distinctly un-Australian-sounding frijole negro (black lentil daal makhani). This description equating frijole negro to daal makhani was the first concern I had about the menu seeing as how I know what both are...and they are not the same thing! For one, frijole negro is made of black (turtle) beans and daal makhani is black lentils and they have completely different flavours. However, I love both so figured whatever it was I wanted to try it. I was there to try fusion food so skipped that part of the menu and went straight to the 'Items with an IndiMex Twist' section which included the IndiMex Brekkie (chickpea and potato bhaji served with Indian scrambled eggs and parathas), Masala Omelette (served with parathas, mango chutney and daal makhani), Good Morning Amigo (chorizo and scrambled eggs with corn tortillas) and Bombay Benedict Brekkie (Eggs Benedict but with chicken tikka, curried hollandaise and daal makhani). Prices at IndiMex are incredibly cheap compared to most other breakfast spots with the first three items only $9.95 and the Bombay Benedict only $14.95. There's also several sides available including the frijole negro/daal makhani for only $2.00.

Masala Omelette ($9.95)

IndiMex Brekkie ($9.95)

We were seated quickly in front of the bar and water was brought to the table along with menus immediately. It took a little longer for someone to take our coffee orders but once someone appeared we quickly ordered, in high need of a caffeine fix - a Long Black with milk on the side ($3.50 + $0.50 for milk) for me and Cappuccino ($3.50) for S. We had both decided to go for one of the IndiMex Twist menu items and S settled on the IndiMex Brekkie and I chose the Masala Omelette. Coffees arrived shortly afterwards in cute red cups and the milk in a tiny red jug. I had pretty low expectations of the coffee which is Dancing Bean (#coffeesnob) and while my Long Black exceeded my expectations, it still was nothing outstanding. I have so little milk in my coffee that had I noticed the additional cost for milk (which is unusual), I probably wouldn't have bothered. It was a little while longer before our meals arrived and I was impressed by their size when they did! The chickpea and potato bhaji in S's IndiMex Brekkie was served in a tiny frypan and the scrambled eggs contained tomato, red onion and parsley. The thin parathas (flat breads) were folded up and arranged nicely between the two other components. My daal makhani was also served in a mini frypan next to the flat, folded omelette. Large dollops of guacamole and sour cream were on top of the daal/frijole negro, which weren't advertised in the description but may be the replacement for the mango chutney which was missing. Similarly to S's meal, the flat breads were folded up and attractively placed on the plate.

The daal was flavoursome and definitely tasted more Indian than Mexican in flavour. I didn't think it needed the sour cream so avoided most of it but enjoyed the guacamole with it. The omelette was thin and filled with tomato and red onion and Indian spices and was very light. It worked surprisingly well with the heavier daal and guacamole and I polished it off quickly. The flatbreads were quite oily, as they often tend to be, but had a nice chewy texture and were good to mop up the daal with. I ended up only eating one of the flat breads as I'd had eaten most of the daal with the omelette. S filled up on her bhaji and flatbreads and was too full to finish off her scrambled eggs, plus she's not a big egg fan it turns out. I, being the human garbage disposal I seem to be, ate her leftovers and found the scrambled eggs to basically just be a messier version of my omelette :)

Overall I found the meals at IndiMex to be tasty, interesting and very cheap. However they didn't blow me away and I found the combining of Indian and Mexican cuisines to be a more try-hard at fusion rather than really complementary, interesting combinations. I love both Mexican and Indian style breakfasts when done well but I didn't think these really showed off the great aspects of either cuisine and seemed almost very Western somehow. Speaking of which, if anyone knows of anywhere which does a great Indian breakfast, please let me know!!! I'm missing my time in India eating idli (fermented steamed rice and lentil cakes) every day and haven't gotten around to trying to actually make them yet. Anyway, given the number of good options in the area, I'm probably not likely to return to IndiMex anytime soon, for breakfast anyway. However, if you're looking for a cheap, slightly different breakfast then IndiMex is definitely worth trying. They also do an Earlybird Special with 2-for-1 breakfasts (over $9.95)  between 8 and 9am, although I was told it wasn't valid on Father's Day because it was a public holiday....which is news to me :)


Ease of access: 7/10 (Logan Rd isn't the nicest road to ride on but there is a nearby bikeway)

Parking: 10/10 (Bike racks are nearby...if you actually look for them)

Indimex on Urbanspoon

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