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Monday, January 27, 2014

 Soon after they opened I made the mistake of clicking 'Like'on Two Wheels & A Handlebar's Facebook page. Day after day I have had their amazing sounding lunch options thrown in my face via my Facebook feed and had daily regret that I work in the CBD and therefore haven't been able to sample any of them. However, they do open on Saturday's so their food isn't completely unattainable (unlike their neighbours, Mrs Luu's...) Today I at finally got to try their equally delicious sounding weekend breakfast menu.

Two Wheels and a Handlebar are a small setup with only a few large tables and a tiny kitchen. There is bike paraphernalia all around the place, including handlebars attached to the outside table and a vintage bike at the front. There is also a crate of cookbooks on the bench which would no doubt be good reading if you were waiting for your takeaway order. Their menu, headed Hungry? (oh yes!) changes daily and today's options and has both sweet and savoury items. The drinks on the Thirsty? menu include the usual coffee/mocha/tea options and Thai Fruit Shakes (seasonal fruit blended with ice and coconut water). I chose the Sporky (smoked pork fillet with yoghurt, dukkah, pickle red cabbage) which usually comes with sourdough but I opted for the gluten-free bread ($14) and C had the Tradie (spicked paprika potatoes with fried eggs, pork sausage and focaccia) for $13. The gluten-free bread is made in-house and so I assume the other bread is too. We also ordered a long black with cold milk on the side and a short mac.

The drinks arrived quickly and in BioCups with cute bicycles stamped onto them. I'm not sure what beans they use but it was a little sour to me, but I prefer a creamier taste. There isn't water around but you can ask for it. The meals arrived shortly afterwards on environmentally-friendly-looking disposable plates and bamboo cutlery was available on the table. My Sporky originally came out with a giant piece of bread but soon afterwards I was informed that I was accidentally given sourdough and it was very quickly replaced with the gluten-free bread which was about half the size which was actually perfect for me. I was given the option of having my entire meal replaced but my intolerance is minor so I declined.

The Sporky w GF bread

The pork in my dish was in chunks underneath the mound of crunchy red cabbage with the dukkah scattered around it. The pork was tender, but a little dry as pork tends to be, and had the most delicious smoky flavour which completely made the dish. The red cabbage wasn't strongly pickled but it worked well with the pork and the yoghurt added much needed moisture. I wasn't entirely sure how to eat it all with the bread though. I ended up shoveling bits of everything onto the bread and eating it with my hands. Perhaps I should have tried to make a sandwich instead somehow although the GF bread wasn't large enough to cut in half to do so. The cutlery was difficult to use given the delicate nature of bamboo and wasn't really strong enough for meat. Unfortunately I lost half my yoghurt in the bread switch but the chef was very obliging and gave me more in a small espresso BioCup and I noted they use Barambah Organics natural yoghurt, which is my favourite.

The Tradie
The Tradie came out with a giant pieces of foccacia topped with garlicky potatoes and a slab of sausage and a slab of fried egg. The sausage had been cut in half and fried to make the slab. The fried eggs were well cooked with the yolk a little hardened but C enjoyed it that way. He loved the potatoes, mostly due to the large amount of garlic they had been fried with. C really enjoyed his meal but also noted the difficult in using the cutlery to eat it.

Overall we really enjoyed our meals at Two Wheels & A Handlebar and would return. I liked the interesting menu and the feel of the place. The meals aren't huge but often that's what I want in a breakfast meal and the prices are lower than the majority of other breakfast places around today. The disposable plates, cups and cutlery are an interesting touch and there is a bin that you throw them into at the end of your meal. I assume this is due to not having a dishwasher/not having to have one. The environmentally-friendly nature of them is clearly not too much of a focus for them as I ended up with about 4 cups and 2 plates at the end of my meal. I'm hoping that one day I get the opportunity to try their lunch menu now!

The available seating
Namesake handlebar
Coffee in takeaway BioCups
The Sporky with sourdough (before the bread switch)


Ease of access: 8/10 (Bicentennial bikeway, Little Cribb St exit -> Little Cribb St, R -> Cribb St, L-> Railway Tce)
Parking: 10/10 (bike rack out front)

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